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Migraine Surgery

What is Migraine Surgery?
In 2000, a plastic surgeon named Dr. Bahman Guyron discovered a surgical method of migraine treatment that offered incredibly successful results. He found that if you release some of the nerves that innervate the sensation to the face, a lot of patients will get significant relief of their migraines.

About the Procedure:
To determine if you are an ideal candidate for the surgery, your LSU Plastic Surgeon will inject Botox to temporarily shut down nerves in certain areas of the face and the back of the head. If the Botox can eliminate the pain by shutting down the nerves, you could be a well-suited candidate for this treatment. Migraine surgery can be performed through the forehead or through the eyelid where your LSU surgeon will release nerves in the forehead and the temple.

Migraine Surgery at LSU Health Network-SD from LSU Healthcare Network on Vimeo.

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